Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smart Nerd

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21 FEB 06

Great. I’m a smart nerd. And the sky is blue…

How's about some poker?!

I had President’s Day off (sometimes being a federal employee is a good thing). Of course, I drove one hour to the Tulalip Casino for a little game we call No Limit Texas Hold ‘em. I hate the drive and I REALLY hate the return trip through rush-hour traffic. Fortunately, the drive back this time was better, probably due to the holiday. By 10:30 am they had 3 tables (!) of no limit (yet the Muckleshoot can't get one). I didn’t book a winning session, but I only lost $30, so I consider that almost a win. That being said, my beta was huge (I told you I was a geek. Beta is another word for variance. In this case I’m using it to mean huge swings in my bankroll).

I had great reads on everyone at the table and only made one donkey play. I had AQ in late position. There were three limpers and I raised it to 4 x BB. All three limpers called. The flop was K 10 4 rainbow. It checks around to me. I have $70 left in front of me, so I go all in. The only decent player at the table is next to act and he goes into the tank. He finally calls. The other two fold and he flips over 10 8. The turn and river are no help and he drags a big pot. Most of the table freaked out about the call, but it was a great call. My bet made no sense, and he correctly picked up on it.

I quickly rebought and played pretty tight until I look down at 7 8 on the button. 6 limpers (!), and I limp too. The flop is K 9 6 with two diamonds. I have the open ender. It checks around to me and I smell a trap. As I’ve told you, I love leading with a drawing hand, but since I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I figured someone was counting on me betting in position so they could check raise, and I just checked.

The turn was a 2 of clubs. The good player bets the pot. I put him on a weak king or maybe second pair. The rock to my right calls and I think a long time before calling.

The river is a 2 of spades. I figure the rock to my right missed her flush draw, but I’m not sure about the good player in seat 4. He thinks a while and finally checks. The rock checks and it comes to me.

All in.

Here are my thoughts:
1. I know the rock will fold.
2. The paired board is scary.
3. Seat 4 is out of position with the rock yet to act.
4. I just got called on an all-in and lost. I wouldn’t do it again, would I?

The 4 seat really goes into the tank now. He’s counting out his chips. I lean forward with my cards in my hand and say, “I’ll show you.” The table reacts and says, “Wait, the rock still has to act!” I knew she was there – I was counting on it.

He finally folds, as does the rock (of course). I survey the table to see if they could guess my hand. Most guessers said full house. One said Kings full. Another said 6’s full. I flipped over my busted straight and there was much shouting - drowned out only by me dragging and stacking chips.

Here's one funny hand. Prior to this hand, the rock had made a hugely bad tilt call and beat me out of a big pot. I had trip 8’s on the turn and bet the pot. She called on a flush draw and hit on the river. Big deal. At least I know she’s capable of making bad plays on occasion. A few orbits later and I get 2 4 in the big blind. 2 limpers. She completes and I check. The flop is J 8 4 (whoo-hooo – bottom pair, two kicker). Rock overbets the pot.


I’m really short stacked, so I go all in over the top. Everyone else folds.

Here is the funny part. She’s about to fold!! What?!?! I say – hey, it’s only another 7 dollars. Okay, she says, but you caught me, and she flips over 5 3.

You’ve got to be kidding me. But wait, there’s more!!

The turn – J.

The river – 8.

I have Jacks and 8’s with a 4 kicker, she has a 5 kicker.

Will someone please cover my mouth with tape and kick my ass? Thanks.

Final thought – my tech was hospitalized. I hope she stays long enough to get the care she needs.


Matt Silverthorn said...

Sounds like an interesting day. On a side note, I thought that delta was the Greek letter that denotes variance.

DrChako said...

Technically, delta is change. Beta is a term more commonly used in financial statements and on a business prospectus to denote swings in stock value.

skitch said...

Hey Doc, I know you've said you're not a big fan of PJ Pockets, but the games are absolutely wild right now....

The Monte Carlo jackpots are huge - with Jacks being $1500+ and 8s almost a grand, and all other Quads at least a few hundred.

And if the games themselves weren't loose enough to begin with, with everyone showing up to play for the big Jackpots, things are even juicier!

I plan on spending a lot of time there over the next couple of weeks racking up what I can, and maybe getting lucky and hitting one of the big Quads.

Let me know if I can expect to see you there!

skitch said...

I got your comment and will drop you an email later. If you do decide to go though, make sure you leave your tilt-steamer at home...

I'm not usually prone to tilt, but I had to get up and go outside for some air after seeing a $150 pot pushed to a runner-runner flush with 82 (no, not his blind) after I'd flopped the nut straight. Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

I scored higher on the stupid test than you, but SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER on the nerd test. So maybe the trade-off for being less stupid has something to do with the "SUPREME" part of nerdiness.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I scored a 58 on the nerd test and a 28 on the smart test. This is why I didn't go to medical school. How embarassing.