Monday, November 26, 2007

The Secret to a Good Night's Sleep

The secret to a good night's sleep is sheer exhaustion. I had a little free time yesterday so I decided to take one of my famous 15 minute naps. Three hours later, I woke up confused and disoriented. It was already dark and I was late for dinner. I was half way to chow (it's almost one mile away) before I realized I was terribly underdressed. This is a desert and a place of extremes. When I got here, I wrote a lot about how hot it was. Well, the cold temperatures have rolled in. It's in the 40's at night and most of us have broken out our fleece jackets. I was only wearing my tee-shirt.

After chow, we got together for the movie Wild Hogs. The climactic scene in this movie is flat-out hysterical. It made me want a motorcycle again. I've had my motorcycle license since 1987, but I haven't had a bike since college. Every time I think about getting a bike, I see another accident in the ER. On the other hand, deployed military get huge discounts on Harleys, and there is a dealer right here in Iraq.

Anyway, I was worried about sleeping last night since I took such a long nap (and I've got snoring Navy dude in my trailer), so I hit the gym for the second time yesterday. 1001 calories on the elliptical trainer and another set of triceps exercises, and I slept just fine. I even think I am seeing slimmer lines in my face. A few more months of this and I may actually be in shape again!



BamBam said...

Famous 15 min. nap, waking up 3hours later, totally get it.

I hope you can keep it up. Both the sleep and the excercise!

Be safe !

Anonymous said...

Dr Chako,

There is not many things that are more invigorating than a 15-minute nap. That's the sort of nap that spurs me on to run five miles on the treadmill before hitting the weight room. After my body is glistening with persperation, I skip rope to the tune of "Yankee Doodle." Then I complete the cycle by finally waking up from that nap I mentioned.


Anonymous said...

After a few more months of exercise....In your most manly voice, while flexing your bicep. You can ask the front desk girl, where the pool is. "oh...its right over there." flex and point. Maybe use your other hand to accentuate the bicep even more.

I hope that made sense....anyway, stay safe over there...thanks for keeping up on the blog...oh...and serving are country and all that as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Bro. I really see a difference in your face. I didn't think you looked bad before, but you look awesome. Truly. I have been treadmillin' it here regularly (meaning every day), and I have dropped 13 lbs so far. I can only do the treadmill. I tried the ellipitcal once. The stair stepper too. I almost killed myself. I have zero coordination. I can barely keep a straight line on the treadmill. I am convinced I burn more calories just trying to keep my balance on the thing.

911siren said...

Chuckles you look great!!!!!!!! I can totally see the diff! I of course just look preternaturally young and beautiful, especially when I wake up in the morning. (or after a 15 minute (hour) nap.

Sister Michele (not a nun)

Unknown said...

The Army 120 Degree Diet. We GUARANTEE that you'll lose weight or we'll send you home!


Looking good....