Friday, November 16, 2007

A Trip to the PX

We have a good PX on Camp Striker, but there is a bigger PX over on Camp Liberty. Unfortunately, it's an hour bus ride. I had the extra time today because I couldn't work out like I normally do. You see, there was NO WATER. Have you ever tried to run a hospital without water? I'm guessing no. Well, the water is back on now, so I'm headed to the gym to try and create some muscles to impress random Macedonian chicks.

Please enjoy these pics I took while riding on the bus.

Picture 1. Since this is a desert, these lakes aren't natural. We are pretty sure Saddam had them put in. I guess there were a few perks being supreme ruler after all. "Hey Achmed. Put a lake over there."

Picture 2. Small palaces surround the lake. They were probably for favored family and friends.

Picture 3. More of the same.

Picture 4. The big palace. One of them, at least.

Tomorrow: The Zoo.


Unknown said...

Wow... Absolutely GORGEOUS!

How are they fed?

I mean it's 200 degrees over there.

Keep up the hard work.

Playing Kick Ass USA by Milo Trembly in your honor right now!

Get back to us safe!


911siren said...

I never expected to see beauty over there. Those pictures were lovely!

Sister Michele (not a nun)