Saturday, January 19, 2008


I've been known to say what's on my mind. Sometimes I do it for effect. Other times I'm just spouting off whatever is in my head. I have, in the past, said things to people that in retrospect they didn't need to hear. I think we've all done that.

Last night, one of my best friends out here told me I've got a big mouth. One of our mutual friends came to her and told her to tell me that I shouldn't discuss things that happen at poker night with the Command. Apparently, one of the Command Team came to this other friend with knowledge of something that happened at poker night (presumably something bad) and the only way they could have found out was if I had said something. She refused to tell me who it was or what it was I allegedly said.

Again, I'm capable to committing this "crime." I just hate not being able to defend myself against a specific accusation, especially to someone I consider a friend. Yet, she was willing to stand by our other friend.

As I type this it seems like petty high school stuff. I'm just annoyed. Sorry. Go away and read someone entertaining like Pauly.

PS. The answer to yesterday's Name Test was… ALL are true names I've seen this week.


Anonymous said...

Since you claim to be capbable of committing this 'crime', I suppose you haven't really been Shawshanked, but still. Tell them to shut the f*ck up and grow the f*ck up. You can't possibly be able to defend yourself against that which you don't know you've done. To only say that you've done something, but not tell you what is a cop-out of the worst kind, and a huge pet peeve of mine.

BamBam said...

Another classic from "Barney."

"Without facts, there is no need to defend. For a person willing to debate without presenting facts, is truly without a debate."

I call pot stirring as a form of entertainment, in a situation that could probably use some.

Be safe !

TenMile said...

Hello, Doc. Wind in your face.

That link is for a very long article, so if you click through have some time. It is a very good article.