Friday, January 25, 2008


Today I did something requiring the use of a "Pussy Pillow."


The NL Wife said...

If this is an attempt to stir me because of the hot model post . . .

I'm too tired from working. Hope you had fun with the pussy pillow.


Unknown said...

Shot down from the wife.
That's some stuff that you CAN'T make up!


BamBam said...

"Pussy Pillow!"

Now more than ever.... BE SAFE !!!


Anonymous said...

Getting to play with the Famous Pussy Pillow.

Some guys get all the luck.

Rock Dan Bass

Anonymous said...

Dr Chako,

When I was still an adolescent, our family had a cat named Pussy. It had a folded up feather quilt for a bed, which we all referred to as Pussy's Pillow. I'm not sure that I ever told you that story. So, I doubt that you were referring to it in your blog post.

Years later, you and I saw the James Bond flick co-starring the beautiful character named Pussy Galore. If I recall corectly, the seat cushion used in her airplane was known as Pussy's Pillow. But somehow, that doesn't fit into the surroundings of the Iraqi desert.

So... that leaves Victoria. For those readers who are not familiar with Victoria, I'm pretty sure that she was your first serious girlfriend in college. I recall you bringing her home for a weekend and all of us going to the local swimming hole. There, for the first time, I saw her in a tiny little bikini. She had a phenomenal figure except for a small pouchy protuberance located just above her pubic line. I distinctly remember that you referred to it as a "Pussy Pullow."

Is Victoria in the military, and has she just been assigned to your hospital in Iraq?

Hunter Silvastorm