Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My World Map

I love Sitemeter. It's cool to find out that my readership has spiked since I've been deployed to Iraq. It's also cool to see where my readership comes from.

Big shout out to my Korean reader. Hey sis!

Who the hell reads this stuff in Austrailia? Oh wait, isn't there some kind of big tournament going on down there right about now?


Dr. Pauly said...

That's me reading you down under!

Betty said...

Did that sound dirty to anyone else?

BamBam said...

lol @ betty !

Weeeeeeeeeeee !!!!

Thanks for saying it for me hun !

Be safe Doc !

The Sister said...

Wow! Look at my little Korean dot all on that map and whatnot! Don't let it scare you though...it may appear that my dot is in North Korea, however, I am safe and sound about 22km into the Republic Of Korea. DMZ...phooey! I spit on you Kim Jung Il!