Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just When I Thought I Was Out…

They suck me back in! Sorry – I'm channeling my inner Pacino.

So, the real and true Deputy Commander comes back from vacation, only to leave the very next day for a commander's conference. He went with the hospital commander and the other deputies, leaving poor old me as not just the deputy commander, but the actual frikkin' hospital commander. This is really gonna screw with my nap time.

So, big deal, right? Wrong! It rained today. What does 8 months of dust plus 4 inches of rain equal? It equals a total generator shut down. Not just the main generator, mind you, but the back up as well. Imagine running a hospital with NO POWER. I don't have to imagine it, because I'm living it.

Obviously, since I have time to post this, the power came back up. Still, there were a few tense moments - like the patient in the OR. When I got there, the surgeons were operating with coal-miner head lamps attached to their foreheads.

Now, if you haven't already been there, go read about The Wife's infidelity. I knew I was asking for trouble by marrying a hot chick.


Hunter said...

Dr Chako,

So, everybody took off and left you in charge? The scenario sounds like an opportunity. Quick, look in the desk; top right-hand drawer; that's usually where they are kept. I'm talking about the official form that authorizes all U.S. personnel to go home. Just herd all the bad guys into the secure area, lock all the doors and turn out the lights. Then, with a stroke of your newly empowered signature, send everybody else home!

You may have to answer for it later, but this could be your time to make an indelible mark in history!
Go get 'em, Commander!

Hunter Silvastorm

BamBam said...

I suggest you find your own personal "Radar" type to help out with the chores.

Hell, find the right one and a good Scotch can't be far behind !

Be safe !

The Sister said...

Yeesh! If you ever needed me, it's right now! My bit of unsolicited advice is this: With the Big Man gone, you now possess the power of the pen. Many people wait for this exact opportunity. The Big Man is gone. The Temporary Big Man is in his place and can sign anything! They will come at you left and right with urgency and panic. "Sir, if you don't sign this right now, everyone in the O.R. and thier pets will die!" You are so busy trying to get a grip on being the Temporary Big Man that you will sign just about anything that is slipped in front of you. Most Temporary Big Men don't even see it comming. Next thing you know...POW! You've just purchased 4 flat screen plasma TVs for the nurses break room. ZAP! You've overturned the results of a postive pee test. BIFF! 2 year playboy subscription for the Medical Library. You better hope that the in-place Aide-de-camp is worthy of their position.