Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kicking My Ass

Doing two full time jobs is rewarding when they both go well, but frustrating because there just aren't enough hours in the day. Add to that my total radiology system crash (down for 5 days) and playing catch-up over the last week, plus a surprise inspection from the higher-than-higher headquarters (passed with flying colors) and you have a stressed out Dr. Chako. Even The Wife has noted that I barely have time to chat on the phone these days.

The comment was made recently that I seem to be letting the power go to my head. Well, I wasn't the idiot who gave the egomaniac real power, was I? No. I'm just the egomaniac acting according to my nature. At least I'm aware of the problem.

I got the big push from the hospital commander today to Stay Army. He is bewildered why someone with 15+ years toward retirement would even consider getting out. I told him quite honestly that I've loved my time in the Army and would do it all again. It's just that now is not the right time. I can easily see myself coming back into the Army in 5 or ten years and finishing out my career. It's just that right now it's time to follow The Wife on her quest to be the best Public Accountant she can be. While we are at it, I should be able to get a good taste of what being a real-life radiologist is all about.

2008 will be quite the turbulent year:

  • I return from Iraq a War Hero (well, how about I just get home and be a husband and Dad again, m'kay?)
  • I get out of the Army – I've known no other life for the past 21 years
  • We likely move – possibly overseas (although I hope not)
  • The kids have to say goodbye to some really good friends – when my oldest talks to me on the phone he always says, "You're the best Dad ever." I'm afraid moving may change that to, "You ruined my life."
  • The Wife (hopefully) makes Partner – I've seen some partners become total slackers. I promise you that won't be The Wife. If anything, she'll pick up the pace.
  • We will also probably have to interview for a new nanny/Au pair.

It's a good thing we have one helluva team, The Wife and I. You should see us when we are actually in the same country!


Unknown said...

"We likely move – possibly overseas (although I hope not)"


Details Doc...

one of these days we'll see you and The Wife in the same country and there will be a great celebration!


BamBam said...

"I'm just the egomaniac acting according to my nature. At least I'm aware of the problem."

The list of similarities just keeps on growing !

Be safe !

Jordan said...

Looks like good times ahead. I'm glad to hear it. Keep on rocking and radiologing.