Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Daniel’s Broiler is the Best in Seattle!

9 Apr 08

If you’ll remember, I wrote about an awesome meal I had right before I left for Iraq. Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union was the one place I wanted to eat in case I never came back. It was that good. The manager, Rich Heely, made it a wonderful experience. Well, Rich has moved on to the Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue. I made reservations tonight and brought along a special little gift.

For those of you who played in the last WPBT, you may remember a special American Flag. I had that flag flown over the Al Faw Palace in Baghdad to commemorate the winner of the event. In fact, I had three flags flown that day – one for the poker champ, one for my dad, and one for Rich Heely and the staff at Daniel’s Broiler. Tonight, I got my chance to say thanks to Rich for his amazing generosity.

The food was unbelievable as usual. I’m no food critic – I just know what I like. This is the best. We had the lobster tail and filet along with a Napa Cabernet for her and an Argentinean Malbec for me. The bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne surprised us both, but not as much as the invisible check at the end of the meal. We left a generous tip for our outstanding waiter Ken and drove off into the night an incredibly happy and well-fed couple.

If you are ever in Seattle, you must go to Daniel’s Broiler. Tell them Dr. Chako sent you.

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Unknown said...

Once again, you are the man and when I am in Seattle. I'll stop by!

Steak is always good eats!