Friday, April 04, 2008


4 Apr 08

First off, thanks to Sean and the folks over at Buddy Bank Radio. I had a blast being on your show. Of course, you forced me to download all the Full Tilt software again (I’m pretty sure I erased all of it after dropping a grand over there). We’ll see if I can resist the itch to get back into online poker again.

Now I’ll leave you with the video that goes with the title of this post. I’m pretty sure The Wife is trying to train me to act just like these dogs. At least she gave me flowers as a pre-birthday present.


katitude said...

It was great hearing you Doc :-)

BamBam said...

I wish I didn't have 79 miles of dial up, more now than ever! I would've loved to have been able to hear you on there.

I'll make you a deal, almost B-Day boy! You load up and ignore that itch, and I'll stay up 'till 10pm local and meet you at "The mookie" on any Wednesday night you choose.

Even better! Give me your FT name and I'll buy you in to any mookie you want. Then all you have to do is, let me know what night to fall asleep at the tables.

If I outlast you, shoot the $11 back my way. If you outlast me, I'll send you another buy-in.

All you gotta' do now is ask yourself......

Deal...... or no deal?


Anonymous said...

Awww! My baby boo bear is so good with you! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Is there an archive on the radio show that I can link up and listen to on the web?

BamBam said...

Happy Birthday Doc!

Have a great day!


Betty Underground said...

Happy Happy Doc!

The Div Kidjavascript:void(0) said...

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Matt said...

Happy birthday sir! Although I've been remiss from commenting on your blog for some time now, I've been keeping up with it regularly. Good to know you're back safe. Looking forward to getting you in the next Seattle blogger home game.


Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday.