Sunday, April 13, 2008


12 Apr 08

My buddy Josh left last night after an awesome dinner at Diego here in the MGM. Jess had her 3 girlfriends here, including Kate, who is the spitting image of Kaylee from Firefly. So what’s a lone married guy supposed to do with 4 hot chicks (who, BTW, are all graduates from West Point) in Las Vegas?

We went to Thunder from Down Under, of course!

I felt like a total spy behind enemy lines. It was awesome! The show was very cool, and I actually had a blast. The girls were screaming when one of the dancers (is it redundant to say it was the gay one?) came over and gave me a high-five. I think there was only one other guy in the audience.

Having spent 2 hours a day in the gym over the last six months, I thought I was looking pretty good. Nope. These guys are the shit. Ripped doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was very impressed (in a totally heterosexual way, of course).

It was one of the best times I’ve had in Vegas. That said, all the girls said Chippendales was better.

Honey, you in?


911siren said...

Ok...You are pushing the limits of what a sister needs to read. At least you weren't thinking about scrotal exams during the show.

were you?


Sister Michele (not a nun)

Unknown said...

Yup, he was checking the guys for Growths after the show...



CC said...

So, what exactly were you doing in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

Have mercy on my soul. Comments Mrs. Chako?

Unknown said...

Oh my.

Wwonka said...

Next you will be saying waffles is hot in a Hetro way.

Don't ask don't tell right?

The NL Wife said...

He's right. Those guys are the shit. In kind of a gay, prissy-boy, looks good but need to keep your mouth shut or I'd have to slap the stupid out of you kind of way. And Chippendales was pretty hot.

That being said, I'm still trying to figure out how the "Testosterone-Filled Boys Weekend In Vegas, You're Not Invited, Honey" trip turned into "DrChako and the Women Go to The Thunder From Down Under".

Next time, I'm opening up the invitation for four of you lucky men out there to join me in Vegas (sans husband) and we'll go hit the Rhino or something.

Unknown said...


I'm all for that :-)

Don't kill me Doc!