Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Great Job Descriptions

1 Apr 08

First off – happy April Fools Day. Beware of office trolls pulling pranks.

Anyway, my tire sensor light came on, so I knew I was losing pressure somewhere. Sure enough, the left rear tire was low. I took it to my local Les Schwab. As an aside, there are only two businesses I promote regularly –USAA and Les Schwab. They both get my money, but neither makes me feel like I’m being had. Free flat tires fixes, free tire rotation and free tire swaps (winter for summer and visa versa) is one of the smartest marketing ploys I’ve ever seen. It’s the reason I dropped over a grand on new tires there.

So, they get the tire off the car and it’s worse than I thought. The rim is bent and that’s why it’s losing air.

DrC: What’s this gonna cost me?

Les: Oh, we don’t have this wheel. You’ll have to go to the BMW dealer, or…

DrC: Or what?

Les: Well, you could take it to Morie.

DrC: Morie?

Les: Yeah. He works out of his house, but he’s a good guy, and…

DrC: The suspense is killing me. And what?

Les: He likes to bend things.

So my wheel now sits on the floor of Morie’s garage. I picture him staring at it just giddy with anticipation. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Otis said...

Holy cow. This excites me more than you can possibly know.

"He likes to bend things."


(Note: I once went to Home epot to buy a new toilet and asked the guy how much it would cost for HD to install it. He told me and then whispered, "I can do it for fifty bucks on my dinner break."

Three hours later, he had fifty bucks and said, "I think I'll go to Red Lobster."

StB said...

You couldn't snap a picture of Morie?