Friday, April 11, 2008

Raging Solo in Vegas!

11 Apr 08

Well, technically I’m not totally solo. My buddy Josh came in from Colorado and my buddy Jess came in from New York (via Paris, via Iraq). We all had dinner together at a Chinese/Sushi place here at the MGM and then hit the poker, blackjack and craps tables. Jess had two other friends come into town and took off with them later in the evening, leaving Josh and I to attack the tables. So far, I’m up at everything, including 2/5 NL, which killed me last time I was here. Josh bought in for the minimum and sat to my left. He kept saying, “You just push these people around!” It was true, but it helped to have good cards. I made one great read, two bad reads and only had one bad suckout. Not a bad day with good friends.

I’m staying at the MGM Signature. This is one of the nicest rooms I’ve ever been in, and that includes the Wynn. Too bad it’s like a mile walk to the poker room – and they are part of the same complex!

Well, it’s time for breakfast. I think I’ve got a comped buffet coming.

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Unknown said...

Have a GREAT time my friend, and get back to The Wife ASAP. I think she's having withdrawal symptoms again!