Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Before I get to an interesting hand, let me once again mention how really great service makes me feel.

That would be awesome.

I've written about Darla before.
She's really amazing and friendly and has the best memory on the planet. I've been in Iraq since last year, but when she saw me at the table at the Muck, she immediately came over and gave me a hug before asking if I'll have my usual (two Diet Cokes if you were wondering). Darla - you are the best!

Now onto the hand.

I have been playing fairly tight (I think) at the stupid 3/5 spread game and I'm down just a little. So far I've been involved in no big pots. I'm on the button. There are 3 limpers in front of me and I raise it to $20. I get 4 callers. Five of us see a flop of Qc-8c-5c. Everyone checks to me and I make a small $20 bet into this $100 pot. The small blind (who is probably the best player at the table), raises to $60. Everyone folds to me. I debate for a small time and re-raise to $185. He just calls (?!).

What does he have? What do I have?

The turn is the seven of spades. He checks. I go all-in for my last $110. He calls.

Jack of clubs on the river (now there are 4 clubs on the board). Who won and with what?

Editors Note: I apologize if anyone read this post and wasted time trying to figure this out before I edited it. I just now corrected it (I'm famous for misremembering hands). The board did not pair up on the river. That's kind of key.


Unknown said...

One had top set on the board the other had a AQ with the ace being of clubs.

I say that you won with TPTKNFD!


But I could be wrong!


DrChako said...

You basically nailed it. I had TP2ndNFD (with the King of Clubs and the Queen of spades). He had a set of 5s. We each called out each others hand before the cards were turned over. He correctly put me on my hand and then berated himself for not pushing all in when I re-raised. His call there was out of character. Basically, I got my money in behind and sucked out.

So this is what it feels like to be a donkey. Hmmm... kinda nice.

One question though - does anyone put me on a baby flush with my $20 bet? How about after the big re-raise?

RaisingCayne said...

Oh man... I was JUST about to say "you: KcQs, villain: 55."

Nice outcome, donkey!!!

I don't see how anyone could put you on any flush with such a tiny lead out on the flop, but I definitely would consider a flush within your range when you re-popped to $185! Not a baby flush though, given the preflop raise, but maybe something like Ac7c, or KcJc, etc. Of course, I probably would've still called (or jammed) when holding bottom set, (but I'm a donkey that can't fold a decent hand.)

Nice result! (It is kind of a nice feeling winning after getting your chips in behind, isn't it? Careful getting used to it though!)

Unknown said...

One question though - does anyone put me on a baby flush with my $20 bet? How about after the big re-raise?

Raising from the button with 3 behind and the $20 bet? No flush, AQ, KQ, maybe top two.

The big re-raise, now I'm putting you on a set or AcQx. But you mentioned this is a lower stakes game which overbetting for value does work the majority of the time and pushing the nut flush would come to mind as well.

Anonymous said...
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