Thursday, April 24, 2008

White Cloud

24 Apr 08

For most of my medical career, I have had a “white cloud.” This means when I’m on call, I get very little business. I guess if you were going to plan to do something dangerous, you should find out if I’m on call that night. Your odds of getting seriously injured are certainly lower.

I’m on call today and I just finished reading out the resident. He told me the previous night he had 24 CT scans and twice as many x-rays. Last night (my night) he only had 4 CT scans and 8 x-rays.

Surely this has to be a statistical anomaly, right?

Speaking of statistical anomalies, does anyone have a good site to calculate the odds of winning (or losing) a hand? I got into an argument over a bad beat I received and wanted to show his odds at each stage of the hand. If you care (and no, I won’t pay you a dollar for this bad beat story):

Me: 10 10
Villain: K 3

The game is a full table of Limit Hold ‘em. He raised UTG pre-flop. I re-raised and three of us saw a flop of 10 3 2.

He bets and I raise. It’s a strong move with such a monster, but I knew he would re-raise. He did and I just called. The 3rd guy folded.

I lost this hand to runner runner Kings. I told him he was less than 1% after the flop. I’m too lazy to do the math to figure out just how far behind he really was.

Note: Too bad my white cloud doesn’t apply to poker.


BWoP said...

I use this one:

But there's also this one:

The second one has better graphics.

Otis said...

Assuming no suits were in play and he couldn't have gone runner-runner for a flush, you were a 99.6% favorite to win on the flop. Runner-runner perfect is all that beats you.

That is...I would, in fact, bet my home, cars, and bankroll on the flop without fear.

Just hope it wasn't for any significant amount of money.

RaisingCayne said...

I downloaded PokerStove on my laptop a long time ago. It's settled many a argument since.

(Sick loss w/top set to runner runner! Looking at the stats will only make it sting worse I fear.)

SirFWALGMan said...

This does not happen to you ten times a day? Hmmm.. Maybe Poker is not for me.