Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Notes

Today you get the random stuff stuck in my head.
  • I played in the annual Boys & Girls Club charity golf event. Despite not having picked up a club this season (!), I hit one drive almost 300 yards and won the closest to the pin contest on hole #3.
  • Everyone who paid $5 prior to their shot got a chance at the prize pool. Half of the money went to the charity and the other half to the winner.
  • My take was $180.
  • I gave it all back to the charity in the auction that followed.
  • I played a little 1/3 NL poker while waiting to get The Wife's car fixed.
  • Yes, I do my Honey-Do's on my day off.
  • I folded TPTK to a river all-in when the guy to my left talked me off the hand. He flipped over his 6-high busted straight draw and dragged a huge pot.
  • Perhaps it's the Karma from the golf event, but I eventually got all his money. I went on a sick run that involved getting my money in behind twice and once turning a set to beat a flopped set.
  • On his final hand, I raised in the cut-off with Qc-9c (crubs!) and he went over the top for his last $60. I told him I had a crappy hand, but maybe the poker gods would pay me back for folding TPTK earlier. I was way up, so what the heck. He had me with K8o.
  • I turned the straight.
  • Karma!
  • The Wife is back in California and I'm working all week. Anyone up for poker?


MHG said...

Up for poker here, but won't be in town on the weekend for the next month.

BWoP said...

The bitch (Q-9) beats a ball rash (K-8) every time. Esp when the bitch is sporting crubs!

Unknown said...

Poker Thursday night online in on my slate.

There's a decent low limit PLO tourney that starts late on FTP.

Let me know if you're on.

BamBam said...

Hey brudder.... Nice shots!

I sense another game in our future.