Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MCA #1 – Weightloss

20 DEC 06

My midlife crisis is precipitated by my rapidly approaching 40th birthday. In light of this, I give you Midlife Crisis Alert (MCA) number one, which will address my ever expanding waistline. As most of you remember from Las Vegas, I am a rotund black man. I guess I’ve been letting poker and other distractions take too much time away from the things I love – well, except eating I guess. I used to exercise every day. Hell, I actually enjoyed it! I played racquetball like a fiend, and would run a 10k every other week. I ran two marathons.

Now I get short of breath climbing the stairs.

I while back I did the Body for Life challenge. The book is 1% recommendations about diet and exercise, and 99% motivational speech. I did it before – let’s hope I can do it again.

Here is my personal challenge to myself. While I will never look like this photo, my plan is to drop to 155 pounds, which is what I weighed when I joined the Army over 20 years ago. Furthermore, I intend to stay below 160 pounds for my entire 40th year. You may see the occasional weight posted at the bottom of some blog entries. Feel free to watch as my weight plummets like George Bush’s approval rating after today’s speech about increasing troop strength.

Weight today: 177 pounds.


Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

go run and NOW!!

DrChako said...

Sir, yes sir!

The Sister said...

I am so on board with you. This sorry ass LT currently weighs 117 and needs to be 99. I will never even attempt to get back to the 88 pounds i weighed when i first joined the Air Force 17 years ago. I am not even certain I had gone through puberty yet. I have earned 11 lbs over the years. But 99 is my goal! BRING ON THE MCA!

The Sister said...

Ok. I have changed my mind. Instead I am going to sit back, have a brownie and watch you loose weight. I just love brownies.