Friday, December 22, 2006

MCA #1c – Rocky Has a Midlife Crisis, Too?

22 DEC 06

I just got back from Rocky Balboa. Wow. I’m a huge Rocky fan, and like most fans, I got more and more disappointed with each subsequent Rocky. Now we have Rocky VI – AKA Rocky Balboa. Does anyone really want to see Rocky hit some guy with his walker?

All I’ll say is this – if you liked any of the Rocky movies (and c’mon, who didn’t like the original?), then go see this movie. Stallone wears this role like an old baseball glove, and God help me, it was his ACTING that made this movie. In fact, everyone did a tremendous job, including Antonio Carver – an actual boxer.

This movie fits in nicely with my ongoing theme of having a midlife crisis. Obviously, Rocky fighting again at an advanced age has crisis written all over it. He handles it with style and grace. I still maintain that it’s easier to buy a Ferrari, but if you all really want me to become an Ultimate Fighter (weird Friends reference) instead, then so be it.

What say you? Ferrari or UFC?


The Sister said...

Being that I grew up with you and know for damn sure that there never has been and never will be an Ultimate Fighter inside you that has some how been repressed and is simply dying to get out, I say this...

Buy the Ferrari. Then hire an Ultimate Fighter to take a fall in the Octagon with you. He might even take less money if you promise to let him drive the Ferrari after the match.

DrChako said...

I knew you'd be on my side.

Reel Fanatic said...

I've liked all the Rocky movies except that one where he was some kind of street fighter and took on that tomato Tommy Morrison, so I'm sure I'll like this when I see it later today ... thanks for the good word