Tuesday, December 12, 2006

WPBT 2006 Trip Report - Part II

12 DEC 06

Editors Note: My apologies to those of you who read my blog via Bloglines. I’ve been doing some housekeeping. What I didn’t realize was that even something as simple as putting a “tag” on an old post republishes it to the “new feeds” section. You can always click on the name of the blog to get my most recent post, but that’s what Bloglines is supposed to be for. I have a few more housekeeping things to do, so please bear with me a little more.

I only have time for a short quip. For posterity, I wanted to document two hands at the Blogger tournament.

First was a simple one, but it cost me. Glyphic (last year’s winner) is at my table and playing tight. He raises to 4 x the BB in middle position and I call with pocket sixes. The flop is 9 7 4 with two spades. He bets about ¾ pot. I put him on over cards, so I decide to advertise top pair, maybe top set. I raise an extra thousand. In retrospect, this was a horrible play. Why commit so many chips just to get information? He goes all in. I fold. Later he tells me he had Queens. I’m not sure I believe him. AK spades makes more sense.

My final hand was played perfectly (ha ha). Pocket Aces in early position. I make a standard 4x raise. The legend himself, Al Can’t Hang raises to 1000. He has been playing very tight, so there are only 4 hands he could have here, and the other Aces are unlikely. It folds to me. I deliberate a little and finally push all in. He insta-calls and grimaces when I turn over my Aces to his Kings. I actually said, “Don’t worry. This is how I went out of the last tournament.”

King on the flop and IGHN [1].

Look for the gripping critique of my live play on the next installment.

1. IGHN = I Go Home Now. I know every blogger knows this, but my dad reads this blog, so I have to keep it simple.

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