Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Year in Review (July thru October)

30 DEC 06


This month brought the Ozzfest giveaway to a close. I got some incredible offers for my free ticket offer:

I would piss myself and stay in those pants for 3 days just to hear System of a Down for 1 minute…

The eventual winner sent me a great email and pic from the concert, and he kept his word and thanked me on the liner notes from his band’s new CD. Check out Proto-Leviathan.

But July also saw the WBPT. As I said in my 101 Things About Dr. Chako, I could not wait for this event. I may have done a few things wrong (like not meeting many of my blogging heroes), but I would correct that at the next event.

This was my first attempt at a trip report, and it chronicled my time on the “Deuce” and meeting one helluva crowd.

Timmy: Dad, what kind of birds do you like?
Dad: I don’t know, Timmy. I guess I like colorful ones like parrots or fast ones like falcons.
Timmy: No Dad. I meant do you like alive ones or dead ones.
Dad: I guess I prefer the live ones, Timmy.
Timmy: I like the dead ones.

Given a choice between Huge Junk and Laura Prepon, we all know who I would choose. Honest, I had no idea who she was.

I also went to Alaska where I would pen the short story, “Fairbanks.”


This month included a great cruise, with a little donkey poker thrown in (who the hell has a 10% rake no max?! Royal Caribbean, that’s who!).

In my Experiment, I further chronicle the downward spiral of my bankroll, yet I was able to do something about it. I ran a $20 buy-in to a local tournament to nearly $3000. Yep, I gave it all back to the poker community. Can you feel the revelation coming?

I also found You Tube this month. Tommy Emmanuel. You can thank me later.

My rise to blogging fame culminated this month with the publication of my short story in the incredible online magazine Truckin’. I can’t thank you enough, Pauly.



This month I started out comparing myself to Daniel Negreanu. I was serious. Somehow I forgot about a key difference, namely the direction of our respective bankrolls. Actually, in an interview with CardPlayer magazine right before the final table of the recent 5 Diamond Classic, Daniel mentioned that he was broke. Somehow I doubt it, but it makes me feel a little better.

My wife (who I’m currently pissed at for leaving a mean comment on my first Year in Review post) wrote a hysterical rebuttal to my Fairbanks story. I’m forced to admit it was as good (better?) than the original.

The rest of my posts this month can be summed up as either realizing that I suck at poker or that I’m good a sucking out. Two great traits of donkeys, in case you were wondering.

The month ended with this bit of prose:

Still another summer has spilled from my hands as a precarious pile of plates that topples to the floor. I gaze at the ruin, and wonder what wonderful opportunities were missed.


I start to hint at my impending midlife crisis. I hadn’t yet named it, but I knew something was wrong.

I found out that I would be headed to Iraq.

I follow this with another top 10 (yet morbid) post called If You Are Reading This, I’m Already Dead.

I also realized that I have actual readers, based on tons of comments I got when I announced my impending deployment. Thanks guys and gals. As you know, I’m not doing this for you, but it sure is a helluva ego stroke to know that you read my stuff and support me as a soldier and doctor.

I hinted at Taking a Shot. This is really the beginning of the end. In retrospect, this is an obvious cry for help. This post is no different than a losing gambler staring at a craps table and saying (sometimes outloud), “Okay, last chance. I’m gonna break even right here. Right now.” There are only two outcomes.

90% of the time, the bankroll disappears.
10% you win big, only to give it back – usually sooner than later.

I wrote my funniest post ever, called A Nickel Please.

Finally, I wrote my most important post ever on the 20th anniversary of joining the Army, called 20 Years After.

Now, you’re gonna have to wait for November and December because my plane is boarding.

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