Monday, December 11, 2006

WPBT 2006 Trip Report

11 DEC 06

An amazing weekend was had by all. I did it right this time (I think), and didn’t hide from my fellow bloggers. I met, re-met and/or hung out with some truly outstanding people. I’ll have more thoughts in the coming days, but here are some early highlights:

Two tables of HORSE at MGM. Drizz was not at my table, but I was able to see his legendary huge stack of chips. He was certainly the topic of much conversation at our table, though. Something about a wheelchair, security guards and an irate (but hugely understanding) Ms. Drizz. He claims to not remember.

Playing some truly horrible donkey poker at said HORSE game and somehow managing to come away a winner.

Getting repeated dirty looks from Mr. Sore Loser (AKA Stb[1]). This was perhaps one of my top three highlights.

Having chips thrown at me IN ANGER by the Poker Princess after I cracked her set of Kings with 7 4 of diamonds in a pre-flop capped pot. I SO deserved it.

Having The Rooster correctly call out my bluffs (twice!) leading to said dirty looks from Stb.

Getting numbers and setting up a new home game with Easycure and Zeem. As many of you know, Easycure busted out Gigli [2]. Washington represent!

Getting swag from Poker Pro. Mucho thanks to Falstaff for helping set this up. How ‘bout a loan from that $60 you won from me at video heads-up? Perhaps I should ask Pablo, too…

Shooting the breeze with Michael Craig for an hour. Did I actually tell him that his first speech to the bloggers sucked? Gosh, I think I did. If I remember correctly (there were several Kamikazes involved at this point), I also told him that his second speech totally rocked (which was true) and his book was excellent.

Telling war stories with Dr. Pauly at the Geisha Bar. Always entertaining.

Watching Iggy screw with bloggers by introducing himself as Grubby. Crafty little dwarf.

Seeing the worst bad beat I’ve ever seen in my life. Since I wasn’t involved in the hand, I can tell you about it. All in preflop with pocket Kings vs Ace Queen. The board went 9, 9, 9 (with Kings going, “Yes! Full house, baby!”).

River …. 9!

In case you don’t play poker, that’s Quad 9s. Ace kicker. Pocket Kings goes home now. Bye bye.

I’m bummed that I didn’t spend more time with so many people, especially Team IHO (it was great seeing you again, Dawn and Karol), Brad (Otis), Maudie, Linda G., Veneno, Change100, Speaker and Bobby. We may be in the initial discussion phase of setting up some live entertainment for the next blogger gathering starring me on guitar and Daddy on the banjo. Any drummers or bass players out there?

[1] – Out first from the tournament, for you newbies.
[2] - I mistakenly referred to Stb as Slb. My bad. I'm not sure who is insulted by this slight. In any event, situation corrected.


Huge Junk said...

I'd show up to see you and Daddy going Dueling Banjos.

One of the toughest things to do at these things is to find enough time. Despite what a ridiculous good time they are you can always count on feeling a bit bummed by not having been able to do more or hang with more people.

Luckily, there's always next time.

Drizztdj said...

Next time I'm not getting suckered into doing shots.

cc said...

Great meeting you and playing with you. Hope I can get to Seattle sometime soon.

Karol said...

Great seeing you, Dr. Chako! We're planning a DC road-trip sometime soon, hope we can meet up and get a game going.

Pauly said...

Good times, good times.

iggy said...

awesome meeting you, sir.

StB said...

Yeah, that slb is a sore loser. Ticks me off!

DrChako said...

Dude! The whole time I was calling you Slb, how come you never corrected me?

Mea culpa. Editing now...

Easycure said...

It was a blast. We have to get together soon.