Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Year in Review

28 DEC 06

The folks here at NPCWaMCD would like to thank you all for your support and frequent visits. It’s been a helluva year. This also marks my first full year of blogging, since I only started in August of 2005. Quite a lot has happened.

2005 ended with a couple lame cartoons, but had a pretty cute “goggy” story on my second to last post of 2005, called Cute Kid Story.


2006 started off with a bang as I shared a horrible start to the year with Mr. Speaker, but followed quickly with an interesting post about playing better on drugs.

Continuing a theme that would pervade many of my posts this year, I addressed my ongoing problem with managing Tilt. It’s interesting that I KNOW I go on tilt, and I KNOW it affects my play, yet I still haven’t fixed the problem. Well, maybe I have, but I’ll address that later. As an aside, I was asked just this morning to take on a HUGE new responsibility at work. The one thing “the powers” noted, though, was a concern that I sometimes get too emotional and lose my temper. “Better watch that,” they said.

January 12th launched me to blogging fame. This post, about a 7' 4" Dutch woman called Moving to Holland (and the accompanying picture) remains my most frequently visited page, and provides some very interesting Google searches leading to my blog.

I also posted my 101 Things about Dr. Chako in January and figured out how to include it on my front page. I need to update a few items. For instance, I’ve recently crossed the 20 year mark in the Army, and I may need to address that little thing about never being in combat. Well, technically, I’ve still never been in combat, but as my readers know, that’s about to change.

I ended the month snake-bit.


This month brought a great guest post by my buddy Bill, an outstanding physician and friend from my days in Germany. We golfed together at St. Andrews, and he wrote a story about it that he was going to submit to a more prestigious publication, but instead gave me the privilege of posting it here. I give you St. Andrews on the Fly.

I followed immediately with an intense apology to my wonderful wife. For those of you who have never been married, take a cue from this post and don’t be afraid to apologize, even if it means hanging your ass out there for all to see. Damn. I was drawing dead, and got there.

February continued as perhaps my best blogging month ever with a post called This I Believe. This was inspired by a story about Mel Rusnov on NRP, and finished with a throw away line about one of my favorite entertainers, Rob Lumbard. What made this extra cool was that both Mel and Rob left comments on the post. This belongs in the top 10 things I love about blogging. It may be number one or two.


I really started catching my stride when I opened up a little of my personal life with a post called This is Not About You. The situation has since resolved, but it’s a notable post because it helped me sort out some issues, just by writing it down. At its essence, isn’t that what writing in your diary is all about?

It’s funny, because in the rest of my February posts, I kept threatening to stop playing poker.


Also in my top ten is my post called Where Am I Going with This? I have trouble re-reading this post.

March came to a close by living vicariously through my blogging brethren as they tried hard (and failed) to not brag about their exclusive invite to the Playboy Mansion. Can I go next year?


I started April with my April Fools Guest Post by Al Can’t Hang. I still can’t read his blog at work because I get “Access Denied: Dating.”

My 39th birthday saw me finally climb out of the hole in my gambling budget for the first (and last) time.

One of the highlights in April was playing at the ‘shoot with my buddy Stefan. Why did you have to move to San Antonio, dammit?! I miss those days. Who knows what 2008 will bring?

I also started bragging about my bluffs. That should have been a sign that things in poker were not going well.


I read some great books, flopped quads and found some great blogs this month, and further sounded my doom with the statement, “When I’m running well, I’m a conceited, full-of-myself, egomaniacal sonofabitch.”

I also took my longest break from blogging in May. I’m not sure it did me any good, but reflection (like I’m doing now by writing this post) is important. Gosh, I feel a big revelation coming on.

Oh yeah. I also killed one of the few really great voices on the internet by going to Atlantic City. Well guess what, Lady Falcon is threatening to post again! I can’t wait.


June brought Ozzfest and led to another top ten series of posts and events. I told how I came in possession of two VIP passes to Ozzfest and how I gave them away. I got so much pleasure out of this, it makes me wonder why I haven’t done something like it again.

Stayed tuned for the second half of 2006 Year in Review.


The Sister said...

You know, bro, I do a bit of commenting on your blogs. I tend to be pretty sarcastic most times. I propose to the court that it comes with being your sister. However, you are a great writer. I really enjoy reading your blog. It gives me an insight to a part of you that I didn't have before. Thanks for that. It's neat.

The Wife said...

Although recapping your past blogs? Little lame if you ask me . . . sounds like you have bloggers block. You can do better . . .

DrChako said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DrChako said...

I wrote a really nasty reply, but I really don't want it out there, so I deleted it.

I blog for me. 'Nuf said.

Still, here is a portion of that deleted comment:

And just because my sister throws me a compliment, it doesn't mean you should feel a need to "keep me humble" with the "blog-comment beat-down." Hell, I even re-linked my big apology to you, in case there were visitors that didn't get to read about me hanging my ass out there for all to see.

This would be a really good time for you to type in something like "LOL," in case you were so inclined...

the wife said...

LOL . . . still think you do it for your own ego . . . BLOGGER BLOCK!!!!