Sunday, February 25, 2007


25 FEB 07

Played poker until 4 am. Lost a bunch. Woke up at 7:30am. Played a tournament with Stefan and Andrew. Lost. Lost the last-longer bet, too. Played 4/8 while waiting for Andrew to bust out.

Octupled up.

That’s right. Playing 4/8, I increased my buy-in 8 friggin’ times. I was obnoxious and boorish and all those things Michelle hates about me when I’m winning. And I did it all in under an hour.

Now I’m taking the family to the movies. Astronaut Farmer. It beats watching the Oscars.

Oh yeah – I saw Skitch and the lovely Mrs. Skitch. I think I may have taken some $$ off Mrs. Skitch. Heck, I took money from everyone at that insane table. Still, it’s great to know the Skitchs are still alive.

Go Sasha Cohen!


skitch said...

That was a crazy day. After you left, the following happened:

Kid in the 4 seat hit the Spade Royal Flush for $2400. He had AT spades, board came KJsx, Qd, Qs. He got action on the River when someone else hit his Full House.

Guy in the 7 seat between you and my wife gets in a hand where he has AA versus 99, and they both flopped a set. It was capped pre-flop and at every round... and it was a Kill pot. "I bet in the dark... I raise in the dark..." They capped the River before it was even dealt! With a couple caught in between them, it must've been at least a $400 pot. The guy ended up leaving the table a little later with 9 and 1/2 racks.

About 3 hours after the Royal hit... the same dealer, Jim, deals another Spade Royal Flush to someone else. But because it was already hit that day, the guy doesn't get paid anything from the Monte Carlo board. But get this... he had ATs, the board came KJsx, Qd, Qs. And he got action on the river cause someone else had JJ... full house.

Your buddy Stefan hits Quad tens (dealt by Jim) for $88. Less than an hour later, he hits Quad 7s for another $88 plus the $100 double hit bonus. He gets suckered into staying to try to get the $3000 Triple Hit bonus (the 7-card straight hadn't been hit yet that day). He was still there when we left around 8pm.

After slowly bleeding away one and a half racks myself, I bought in one more time and called it quits when I finally broke even for the day.

Good times. :)

DrChako said...

Wow. What a day! It was great seeing you guys again.