Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So, You Think You’re Tough?

6 FEB 07

I have weird kids. They’re great, but weird. When asked what they wanted for dinner (and McDonald’s was clearly on the short list), they emphatically chose Thai food.

So we are off to one of our favorite places, Bangkok Garden. They make a great Pad Thai and a pretty good Green Curry chicken. My 4 year old has a bathroom fetish and insists on asking to go right when the food arrives. This time he asked to go long before the food came, and he said he didn’t feel good. My wife and I give each other the staredown and it (as usual) defaults to me to run him to the restroom.

Okay. So, we are off to the restroom. He spends a couple seconds looking around and then says that he feels better now. “Do you want to try to go potty?” I ask. Nope. All done.

Until 2 minutes after we get back to the table. “I don’t feel good.” Off we go on trip #2, followed shortly by trips 3 and 4.

Trip #4 was different because he was doing the puffy-cheeks on the way and he had a more lively step. We get down the long hallway and he makes it just in time to relieve whatever was bugging his tummy right on target ("I didn't make a mess Daddy!"). A quick clean up and we are back to the table.

Unfortunately, we had ordered by this time and I’m thinking we may need to make this “To Go.”

Not this kid. I never saw someone wolf down Chicken Sate faster or more voraciously, smiling the whole way. That’s one tough kid.

I think he’s ready for college.


AlCantHang said...

Nice! Your son has the puke and rally gene.

The Sister said...

I saw a prime example of the puke and rally gene when I was in OTS a couple years ago...

There was a female out doing our first big PT run on day 2 of OTS. We were all beating feet around the track and people were getting sick left and right. This woman was no different, except for one thing, she didn't even stop to puke. She hurled as she was running and kept going. We all cheered. She was the hero of everyone that day. Even the instructors were shouting "Hoo ah!"