Monday, February 26, 2007


26 FEB 07

In this case, the title of this post refers to my bankroll, not a particular hand. I had the day off, so I went to the ‘shoot again. I buy into the $65 morning tournament. 21 players and I took second for $300. A short break for lunch and I’m back at the tables. I buy into 4/8 with $60 and parlay that to $200, which I take to 10/20. I’m almost decimated before the rush of the century. Cashed out over $1700. Nice ROI, eh?

In describing a couple hands I played badly, I got into a disagreement with my wife. Keep in mind that she is a winning poker player, and I am not. Please settle this. I’ll try to be as objective as possible.

A very aggressive player is one to my right. It’s a kill-pot (15/25) and I’m the small blind. I’ve got the automatic post of $15 already out there. There are 4 limpers and the button raises to $30. I call with K3 hearts. 6 of us see a flop of 4 4 3. I bet right out and get two callers before it gets to the button, who raises. I re-raise. 3 calls and we see a 2, which also puts 2 diamonds out there. I bet again, and get two callers, including the button.

The river is a 5 of diamonds. Any Ace has the straight and anyone with 2 diamonds has the flush. I pause before checking. MP guy checks. Aggressive button guy pauses and bets.

What do you do?


Ryan K said...

Q: What do you do?

A: Fold after getting raised on the flop ... oh wait, you've made it to the river with this hand!!! Can you go back in time? LOL

I'll be a sunburned son-of-a-gun if you somehow won this pot!

Ryan K.

Seattlejohn said...

After you somehow made it to the river you have to call because of the size of the pot. You only have to be good one time in 10 to make this a profitable call and you have the be kicker with your 3 that can not have a striaght. Call. Of course I would have been gone on the flop. SJ

Matt Silverthorn said...

What Seattlejohn said.

DrChako said...

Strangely enough, my wife agrees with all of you.

That said, let me offer another option. The river is a huge scare card. Sure, pot odds might make one or both players call, but I think the best option is to raise here.

Instead, I just called. MP player folded his poker pair (!) and button shows K 10 for king-high nothing.

My pair of threes were good.

DrChako said...

Kids, don't try this at home.

(PS. I had no business in that pot to begin with. I get it already!)

Drizztdj said...

I'd stop prescribing myself narcotics and playing poker. :)

The wife said...

May I compliment the wisdom of all of your poker playing readers - not only was "raise" not the answer, but these wise individuals had the good sense to question what you were doing in the pot to begin with, not to mention your questionable original proposition of raising.

I love you honey, but some days . . . its a good thing poker is part luck! Blind squirrel theory applies in your game WAY more than it should.