Sunday, February 11, 2007


12 FEB 07

So, I’m railbirding the Full Tilt $300 buy-in tournament. 1st place is $151,000. Huckleberry Seed is the only remaining pro (God, I love that name). Whenever a pro is at a table, the chat room is full of railbirds hoping to get noticed. Some of the chat is comical. Occasionally, the pro will respond – in fact, I’ve seen Matusow respond a lot (he should probably just pay attention to the cards).

Anyway, follow this chat – it’s self explanatory:

Dealer: HuckleberrySeed wins the pot (50,614) with four of a kind, Jacks
SenorPokes (Observer): NICE HAND HUCK
TimKansas (Observer): rigged
TheKingIII (Observer): bs
surflexus (Observer): dems quads beaches
TimKansas (Observer): rigged
Bluffed1331 (Observer): GO HUCK
TheKingIII (Observer): riggged'
TimKansas (Observer): rigged
classyvassy (Observer): second 4 of a kind for Huck in this tourney!!!!!!!!1
JelloPud (Observer): rigged
TheKingIII (Observer): rigggggggggd
RiverMikey (Observer): KILL SWITCH
Uuuumaga (Observer): FIXED!!11

It’s enough to drive a person crazy.

Go Huck!

Update #1: Huck responds:

HuckleberrySeed: average iq of this rail=79

Update #2: Apparently I’m not the only railbird. My new friend from the blogger convention in Vegas and awesome author of, The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King, Michael Craig:

Michael Craig (Observer): Huck - way to shut down that table (and shut up the rail).
Michael Craig (Observer): But the railbird are like hydras - shut up one and two grow in their place.

Update #3: Huck finished in 15th for a payday of $6116. First place went to some dude named PlzDontBluffMe (or something close to that – I’m no tourney reporter). 10 hours = $151K. Beats working.

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Craig said...

Bad beat: I was going to post that it is hydrae, but it looks like hydras is also permitted though not the preferred spelling.