Tuesday, February 20, 2007


20 FEB 07

So, my oldest son Jared is relating a story about a bad kid in his class. Apparently, the bad girl punched a friend of his in the stomach and then started crying to the teacher. Not only did his friend get a punch in the belly, she also got written up. Talk about adding insult to injury! He was very frustrated.

I explained about karma. I told him that the universe has a way of evening things out. Balance is the key. In our lifetimes, we all have about the same amount of good things and bad things happen to us. I used a very basic example of the death of my mom balanced with the joys of my family. I explained that just because this bad girl got away with the horrible act, you shouldn’t worry because the universe has a way of getting back at her. You may not see it first hand, but it will come. It always does. Now, if you are lucky enough to witness it first hand, try not to take too much satisfaction. Just look at your buddy, nod knowingly, and say, “karma.”

I’m still trying to figure out why the great balance of the universe keeps letting bad poker players suck out on me. I guess I must deserve it.

Now go look at Raw Vegas. The prop bets between Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith are hysterical. While you are there, check out the interview with the clown porn star.

PS. Go to Google Images and type in karma.

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