Saturday, February 10, 2007

So, You’re Havin’ a Bad Day

10 FEB 07

Just got back from my run. I didn’t run that much (if at all) this week because of a chronic problem with shin splints. I do the little toe-curling exercise, and it helps, but if I run too soon in the recovery phase, the pain comes back with a vengeance. Still, I wish I had cut back on eating since I didn’t “earn it.” I think my Monday AM weight will show this.

Today I’m off to the tax man. My side business was quite profitable, and it’s time to pay the man. Actually, I have been making regular payments to the federal and state government every month. It’s the part of the job I hate the most. I don’t mind paying the money. Believe me, I’m proud to be among the few entrepreneurs who can say that they started a successful business from day one. I just hate the actual business drudgery side of things. I just found out that there are companies that you can hire to do this for you. Who knows, this may become fun again.

Still, it’s better than a hole in the head.


The sister said...

What the hell kind of renissance era weapon is that??? I say if they were out playing with that thing, the guy deserved to have it lodged in his stupid skull. Mabye it hit the area of his brain that controls comon sense.

DrChako said...

Maybe his big fat head looked like a bear. How bad did that have to suck, though?