Wednesday, February 07, 2007


7 FEB 07

I was going to title the post, “I had a plan for you,” a line spoken several times by Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes Poker. I had a plan, stuck to it, and made a mistake. I think illustrating the mistake is more interesting than bragging about a particular hand.

Playing NL with a $500 cap (WA State rules), I’m two seats to the left of an Asian LAG who is in EVERY pot. He raises to $40 from the button and I call from the big blind with 10s 7s.

I check in the dark (we can argue the merits of this later), and the flop is 10 high, giving me top pair. There are two clubs on the board. He bets $50, his standard continuation bet, and I smooth call, letting a card come off (see, I’m maturing). My plan is that if the card is a 3rd club, I’m going to sell the flush. Sure enough, it’s a club and I bet out $95, figuring he’d fold, which he had done multiple times to pressure. He smooth calls me!

I have no idea where I’m at, but I put him on the bigger flush draw. He has $60 left in front of him, so I go all-in in the dark. The river is an Ace, and I realize he stuck around with Ace high as he is calling. Sure enough, he flips over his top pair and I huff as I sit back all pissed off in my chair.

But wait, why is Micah (the dealer) pushing me the pot? Turns out that the turn card was a club – the 7 of clubs. I never saw it because it didn’t matter to me at the time.

It should have.

I said to the table, “After a mistake like that, I need to leave.”

And I did, right after flipping Micah a $5 toke.

PS. Saw Seattle John. I hope he turned it around after I left. I’m bad luck for him apparently.


Easycure said...

Nice hand sir.

StB said...

You said you had 10 7 of spades. That would put 4 clubs on the board, not giving you a flush.

Time to edit? If not, they must have some weird poker rules in WA with a four card flush.

DrChako said...

I'm famous for posting incorrect hand histories, but this time I got it right. I didn't have the flush - I was just trying to SELL the flush. I did have 2 pair (got it on the turn) which was good enough to drag the pot. By the river, there were only 3 clubs on the board. The river Ace (giving him top pair) was his only pair. He was chasing a gutshot straight.