Sunday, April 06, 2008


7 Apr 08

Based on a recommendation from Otis about Ecco shoes, I went out to the land of retail in search of said footwear. I found Ecko (as in Mark Ecko) in Famous Footwear, but no Ecco. I was beginning to doubt whether I remembered it correctly.

On venturing into Macy’s, I come up to the knowledgeable shoe lady. She’s older and looks like she knows her stuff.

Dr. Chako: Pardon me. I can’t remember. Is it E-C-K-O or E-C-C-O?

Shoe Lady: Ummm… Echo is E-C-H-O.

Dr. Chako (after a stunned moment of silence): Ummm… Thanks. That clears it up.

Now head on over to The Wife. She just gave out her top secret recipe for the best guacamole you ever had. Seriously.


Otis said...

Damn...that is priceless.

Funny thing was, I just got my annual notice that my Ecco rep is going to be in town. Sadly, she is coming while I'm out of town. Regardless, it's time to get soem fresh shoes.

Don't give up the search.

Zeem said...

Pretty sure my old work (Nordy's) carries some Ecco, I have a couple pair.

Anonymous said...
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