Tuesday, September 19, 2006


19 SEP 06

You’ve got Aces and raise pre-flop. You get one caller, an aggressive young player, and you see a flop of K Q 5 rainbow. You bet and he raises, so you put him on either top pair or maybe two pair. The turn is an 8. You check and he bets. You call and the river pairs the board with a 5.

You bet right out and he raises. What do you do?

Final thought: One more surreal You Tube video. Real Life Frogger. Watch this 10 second video several times.


Unknown said...

I put him on KQ and re-raise then laugh at him for getting counterfeited.

Or I look really stupid when he gets two more BBs from me turning over quads.

DrChako said...


I've encountered this exact scenario several times recently, and it's making me a little gun shy. I think I'm supposed to check and call the river (as opposed to bet and call the re-raise). Should I have bet the turn and folded to a raise? I'm not smart enough to get away from Aces, dammit!

Unknown said...

Check - call for the showdown gives a lot more information then folding the turn. If this was NL its a different story.

Also... with a showdown at least you'd have a chance to win ;)