Monday, September 11, 2006

Brutal Honesty

11 SEP 06

Before I get to just how bad I suck a poker, I’d like to say a word about 9/11. I was in residency when it happened. I wrote about it here. They called us out of conference, and I saw the destruction. My life as a soldier changed. I’m still proud to wear the uniform and serve my country. As most people know, next month will be 20 years in uniform for me. I’d join the military again, even knowing what I know now.

I’m just a little tired, that’s all.


Back to poker. I suck at it. I played in a tournament, and got so outplayed, it isn’t funny.

I raised from the button with A 6, got called and then called an all-in bet after the flop on a board of 10 6 2. He had A 10.

I raised in position with AQ (my least favorite hand), and get min re-raised by a tight player causing me to knee-jerk all in. Even the dealer knew he had AA.

I raised with A5 hearts and got raised all-in. I called of course and he showed AK.

I suck.

Um, I also suck out.

Hand #1: Spiked another 6 on the river.

Hand #2: The board went 333QQ to give me a bigger full house.

Hand #3: Spiked a 5 on the river.

First place. I SO didn’t deserve it.

Took my winnings to 10/20 and doubled up. Took those to 20/40. Pocket Aces UTG and only the missed-blind poster calls me (Don, my horseshoe-up-his-ass buddy who also hit the damned Bad-Beat Jackpot for nearly $100K, and who had just come from a royal flush at Pai Gow). Flop is Q2 something. Bet. Raise. Re-raise. Turn is a 2. Bet. Raise. Re-raise. CAP! (from me). River is blank. He turns over Q2. There goes Dr. Chako’s hard earned chips.

I still booked a winning session, but BOY do I suck.

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