Friday, September 29, 2006

Jackass 2 Review

29 SEP 06

I saw Jackass 2 last night. I laughed so hard my head hurt. I think this should be our new psyops weapon against the terrorists. You show them this movie and tell them THIS is what Americans do in our free time. Let me see YOU put a fishhook through your cheek and act as bait for hammerhead and Mako sharks! Let me see you put a leech in your eye!

I don’t want to give too much of the movie away. Go see it.

One thing that did give me a chuckle – Johnny Knoxville has a WaWa tattoo on his arm. After reading the Bash at the Boathouse trip reports, I can understand why.


I promise I’m working hard.

That’s being said, I had some free time at lunch and found this for you. If you don’t have 7 minutes, fast forward to minute 4 of this Celebrity Death Match between Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Bono (U2). Watch at least until minute 5:30. The key words you are listening for are, “It would take a miracle to save Chris Martin now!”

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud to admit that I saw it last weekend. I got a kick out of it. My favorite scene was the "bad grandpa" one. :)

Unknown said...