Saturday, September 02, 2006

It Ain’t Bragging

2 SEP 06

When you’re really this good.

Okay, that sounds conceited as shit. It’s well known that no one is more conceited than a poker player who is running well. Just look at Daniel Negreanu sometimes. It’s as if he KNOWS he’s better than you. How dare you even THINK you deserve to be in the same room?

Not that I’m comparing myself to Daniel…


My $20 experiment continues.

After trying to give most of it away (again), I took $100 into the lions den again (AKA the Muckleshoot). I won’t bore you with the details. Here is a summary:

4/8 – ran $100 up to $260, most of it on my last hand when I turned the nut straight into a six-way full kill (8/16) pot. I took my winnings to...

10/20 – where I ran $260 up to $780 with simple solid play. I took those winnings to...

20/40 - where I continued a good run of cards (twice flopping a set with a pocket pair), and had two of my biggest suckouts ever.

Good players rarely suck out because they rarely get their money in when they have to worst of it, or so says Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

Hand #1: I look down at AQ on the button in an unraised pot. I raise to $40, and only the small blind calls. Flop is Q J 10. Not great, but TPTK. Check. Bet. Call.

Turn is J Giving me two pair. Check. Bet. Call (!)

River is a Queen giving me the 2nd nuts. What did he have?

Hand #2: I raise in middle position with KQ and get two callers, the button (a very good player) and the big blind (an absolute ATM – I love this guy).

Flop is Q 10 9. I bet. Button raises. Big blind calls. I re-raise. Button calls and big blind calls. Turn is blank. I check (still not sure if this was the right move, but I don’t know how to get more information with a bet here). Button bets. Big blind calls and I call thinking I’m behind.

The river is a beautiful J, giving me the second nut straight. I bet out. Button mucks in disgust and big blind calls. What did they have?

Bottom line. I turned my $100 buy in into $1902, for my best ROI ever.

(Editors note: I got humbled again last night, so my strut now has a little hitch in it.)


Matt Silverthorn said...

Hand #1: ATo?

Hand #2: Button possibly had QT or maybe a set of tens or nines. Since BB was an ATM he could have had anything. AT?

Kick ass run, man.

DrChako said...

Hand #1: He had AK and flopped the nut straight. I'm not sure if I would have folded to a turn raise, but I know if the situation was reversed, I raise the turn there every time.

Hand #2: Button had the set and the ATM had Q 10. Note that the button easily mucked his set here. That's acually useful information for future use (abuse?).

Seattlejohn said...

How is AQ on an A,J,10 board TPTK, sounds like TP 2nd Kicker gutshot draw. Board pairs on Turn, not good, River makes you higher two pair, on that board you have like the 12th best hand, multiple full houses, and now a one card straight. Best you could hope for on that board before river is a chop, on river is a crying call.

DrChako said...

Thanks John. Once again, in my excitement to get out the hand, I royally screwed it up.

The actual flop was Q J 10 (giving me TPTK). He had AK (for the nut straight). Turn J. I bet, he calls (when he should have raised).

River is a Queen giving me the Full House.