Friday, September 15, 2006


15 SEP 06

That’s the sound of my $20 experiment coming to a halt. I was able to parley my $20 (after some huge ups and downs) to $3000. Last night I gave it all away on some truly horrible play at 20/40, which included misreading my hand twice (!) and betting into quads twice. At least the second time I ran into quads I didn’t re-raise. Why the hell would I re-raise my straight into a paired board?

Actually, that’s the question that the Freddie Deeb wannabe sitting next to me asked. It was a good question. I’m still not sure if he asked it in order to put me on tilt or if he was truly trying to teach me something. Regardless, it was a good question, and one I should have asked myself before lobbing three useless big bets at the pot.

Maybe I’ll turn this site into a You Tube linking post. It’s my new hobby, doncha know.

Here is Chet Atkins playing Vincent by Don McLean. Enjoy!


Seattlejohn said...

Did you really leave 75BB on the 20/40 table?? Ouch, and damn I wish I would have been there to pump up. How much time did that take?

DrChako said...

LOL - no, I actually dropped about 20BB per session over 4 sessions. In the short term, it's probably a blip, but I'm glad I walked away because I've been playing (and reading) like shit.