Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I’m Really Not a Bad Person

6 SEP 06

I was talking with Teri, one of the really nice dealers in a room full of nice dealers. She was upset that one of the players at our 4/8 table was rubbing it in when he won. It really upset her because it was against a very nice older gentleman who didn’t deserve the abuse. She stated (rather loudly, I might add), that this annoying gentleman should be more like the guy in the one seat.


I laughed and said that I’m not always the nicest guy. She replied that she had never seen me be disrespectful or raise my voice to anyone.


I’m guessing she is just SO nice that she has chosen to overlook some of my outbursts. When I reminded her that I’ve actually come back from the parking lot just to apologize to the table, she laughed and insisted that it couldn’t be true.

I was reminded of G-Rob’s post about being a jerk. I had moved up to 10/20 and was getting ready to leave. It was a perfect table, meaning I had a read on everyone sitting down. There were three players of my skill level and one better. Three calling stations rounded out the bunch. The others were away.

Under the gun, I look down at 4 6 off-suit. Can you say, “Raise?” I knew you could.

UTG +1 re-raises to $30. He’s good, so I know he has a hand. UTG +2 calls (?). Two more callers before it gets back to me and I’m getting 14:1 to call an extra bet (or is it 15:1? I should know this).

Flop is 3 5 7 with two diamonds. Ho. Ly. Crap.

I bet right out. Raise. Call. Call. Call.

I re-raise, and ALL 4 MORONS CALL, DAMMIT.

Turn is a non-diamond 2. I bet out again. Raise. Call. (Remember, these are two good players). Finally, morons 4 and 5 fold. I re-raise. Call. Call.

River is the GD 2 of diamonds, pairing the board and putting three to the flush out there. I slam my hands on the table (see Teri? I CAN be a jerk).

“Check!” says Dr. Chako.

“Check.” says UTG +1

“Check.” says UTG +2.

Pocket Kings and pocket Aces.

At least I didn’t rub it in. UTG +1 was berating me the whole time I was racking my chips. “You called three bets with THAT?”

What I wanted to say was, “Tell me how I played the hand wrong.” The only mistake I made was raising with the hand to begin with. Instead, I pulled my hat down low, tipped the dealer a red-bird, and walked out into the sunshine, all the while looking over my shoulder.


Drizztdj said...

#1) There's nothing "wrong" with playing one gappers if you come in raising

#2) If "good" players re-raise/cap and you can solidly put them on only AA, KK, (maybe) QQ and nothing but those hands are they really "good" players?

DrChako said...

Excellent point. That's why I said they were good, not great. I easily put the first guy on Kings or Aces. There was a chance that UTG +2 had AK of diamonds, or possibly flopped a set, so that's why I didn't bet the river.