Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jamie Gold Stole My Move!

28 SEP 06

Technically, it wasn’t my move to begin with, but still...

So, I decided to play live last night. I started at 3/6 just to pass the time and try to clock some hours for the player appreciation tournament (only 30 more to go). I take the big blind and 6 of us see a flop of 2 4 5. I have 10 3 for the open-ender, so I bet right out. 4 reluctant callers see a 2 on the turn. I bet again and only two very reluctant callers come along. We see a blank on the river.

I’m sure I’m beat, but I might as well sell this thing. I bet again. Now I look across at my opponents. Player #1 is a woman in her mid to late 40’s. She somewhat attractive, and she’s very nervous. I casually smile at her, and she mucks.

One down, one to go.

Player #2 is a German woman in her mid 60’s. She very conflicted. I grab my cards and say, “I’ll show you.”

She mucks her two pair. I flip over my 10 high nothing and drag the pot.

“You made a mistake!” She cries.

I’ve done this move before, but for some reason, I kinda feel bad, so I play up the mistake as genuinely as possible.

“I thought I had trip 2’s,” I say.

Tough guy in the 9 seat was having none of it. “Jamie Gold did the same thing at the WSOP." Pointing at me he says, "He knew he didn’t have shit.”

So I went home and watched the September 12th episode of the WSOP that I had saved on my DVR. Sure enough, there is Jamie Gold saying, “I’ll show you either way,” when he had 6 high nothing.

My move was for $30. His was for $12 million.

At least I get to keep my winnings.

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