Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Family is So Helpful

4 APR 07

I just got this from my sister:

If you think about it…

Tomorrow is actually the start of your 41st year. So you can pretty much say you’ve already completed the first 40 years! I mean really…what’s 1 day when you’re talking about 365? Instead of being 40 tomorrow, you can say you’re OVER 40! Doesn’t that make you feel better??

Always glad to help,


Gee, thanks.

On another note, I’m headed to Disneyland on Saturday! Did you know Commerce is near there?


Doog said...

Get the park-hopper pass. One ride on Tower of Terror in the CA Adventure park is worth the extra scratch. When you get off the ride you'll be 43 years old, at least.

Anonymous said...

It is not really that close, but yes you can get there by car. If your family is with you at DL you will not be making the trip unless you plan to give up sleeping, which of course is what you do already so I guess have fun...SJ

Matt said...

Thanks for the comment. I've come across your blog before (I hijacked the Ceiling Cat picture - hysterical).

I'm not much of a cash game player, so I don't know if I'd see you or SJ around. Actually haven't been to any card rooms yet, but the Muck isn't that much of a drive. What do you know about their tourney structures?

My email is Thanks, and maybe I'll see you around.