Saturday, April 14, 2007

Side Tracked

14 APR 07
I still plan on writing about my Disney trip, but I have a few things on my mind. Poker is intimately involved, but it’s a bit more personal. Bare with me.

As I walked around the Muckleshoot casino last night waiting for a table, I stopped and talked with many of the regulars, both players and dealers. This is my Cheers – a place where everyone knows your name. I feel like I belong there, and most players welcome me at their table. I’m sure they like me because I bring action and I suck, but I also think they enjoy talking with me. What can I say? I’m a likeable guy.

We just had one of the first really nice days here in the greater Seattle area. This comes after another brutal rainy season. As I sat in with one of the regulars a couple nights ago – a young attractive Asian girl who wears too much eyeliner - she peripherally noted that it was nice outside, but she had been at the table all day. This got me to thinking.

I think people enjoy talking to me because I have a life outside of poker. They want to talk about my military service, my life as a physician, interesting patients I’ve had, and their own medical problems. I’m more than happy to comply. If they can get a tell from me while I’m telling stories, good for them. My dad is a storyteller, and so am I. Can’t change who we are.

I guess this somehow relates to Disney after all. Bringing my family there is further proof of a life outside of poker. Even though one night I put everyone to bed and snuck out to Commerce, I was able to enjoy my primary purpose – spending quality time with my family before my deployment.

I’ve got a pretty good balance between poker and family, but I’m thinking I may need to change it a little. Maybe I need to get to where I have a good balance between family and poker.

Shouldn’t family come first?


Anonymous said...

If it's all the same to you, Doc, I'll bear with you. We've played at the same table a few times, and I'm sure I'm ready to "bare" with you.

Otherwise, good post, as usual.

DrChako said...

I get my bears and bares confused. I guess that's why you shouldn't go hunting with me - or get naked for that matter.

The wife said...

Hope that "bare" wasn't a freudian slip, sweetheart. Otherwise, we really will have to re-evaluate your poker habit.

And I agree - family needs to come first. 'Nuff said. Unless you forget again . . . :)!