Monday, April 09, 2007

Tower of Terror

9 APR 07

I am enjoying a wonderful trip to Disneyland with the family, but I just had to share a quick conversation from the Tower of Terror.

A cute young Asian girl is working at the entrance and the line is paused, so she decides to make small talk. I am wearing a shirt that says, “US Army 10-miler, Washington, D.C, 1997.”

Cute Asian Girl (while looking at my shirt): Army 10 miler (pronounced miller). What’s that?

Dr. Chako: It’s a race.

CAG: Really? How far?

Dr. Chako (with remarkable restraint): Uh, 10 miles.

CAG: Wow! Is that on foot?

The TOT was awesome as usual. I may be 40, but sitting in that elevator with my son while shooting up and down, I’m still just a kid.

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