Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bret Michaels Ain't So Poisonous

I meant to write about this last week. The "Bad Boy of Hollywood" (this was actually written on the posters advertising his arrival) played a concert here at Camp Stryker, Iraq last Sunday. If pressed, I would not have said I was a fan of Poison, his old group. My recollection of this 80's "hair band" was one of their album covers. I remember walking past a record store and seeing the album in the window and thinking, "Those chicks are HOT!" It was only after closer inspection that I realized all 4 people pictured were dudes in make-up with big hair. That will really fuck up the psyche of a teenager. I can only admit this now that I'm 40.

Well, for someone who wasn't a fan, I sure did know every word of every song he played. It was one helluva concert. There were about 2000 soldiers standing out there singing and just having a great, high-energy time. My hat is off to him for bringing his new band out here to entertain the troops.


Unknown said...

It's amazing how any man could ever VOLUNTARILY get made up like that.

Glam rock my ass.

Keep your head down and your eyes to the 12 Mooks left until you are home!

All my best,


Anonymous said...

Admittedly, I loved Poison. There was a time, perhaps due to peer pressure, that I also thought they were "hot" "mint" "foooiiinnneee" etc. Gag me with a spoon. That being said, I always have and likely always well enjoy thier music. If I was there, I would have loved that show. Dad wouldn't let me go see them when I was a teenager, so it would have been a great opportunity to say "so there, dad! I got to see them anyway. Neener, neener."