Monday, October 01, 2007

Iraq Pic Dump

2 OCT 07

My good friend Dr. Pauly made me promise to take pictures of Iraq. It’s pretty dreary here, but these should give you some idea of my surroundings. Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures of where they keep the prisoners, but it pretty much looks exactly like where I live, just with some barbed wire and guards over the concrete barriers.

Here is the open bay I stayed in while at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. This place was purgatory. We were all begging to get into Iraq ASAP just to get out of there.

I finally moved out of the 20-man tent into my own room. The Ferrari screen saver brightens up the place a bit. So does the sweet carpet the last guy sold to me for ¼ the price.

This is the view out my door. The list on the wall was also left by the last guy, but I find it handy, so I left it.

And this is my “street.” There are literally hundreds of trailers behind these walls, each divided into 3 rooms, most of which contain at least 2 people. I’m thankful every day I don’t have to share my 12 x 12 “hooch” with another slob like me.


Pauly said...

Thanks for sharing, Doc!

Anonymous said... you need me to send you a sheet? A blanket, perhaps?

Graidar said...

For the internet, do they have standard government blocks for what you can look at and do, or is it more like a personal connection where you can play online games, etc.?

DrChako said...

We have two different internets, if you can believe that. At work, just about everything is blocked, but it's always up. Back at my hooch, I have access to just about everything, but it's unreliable. I have not tried online games, but I'm guessing it would be too unreliable to count on. I have heard of soldiers playing poker online while deployed, but that was a few years ago. No one I know here is doing that.