Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Panties for Sale!

I'm blogging my heart out over here, yet my wife puts up a post about her panties and suddenly she an internet superstar. Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Act now and I'll sell you some panties that may or may not have belonged to my wife. The first 10 requests get a bonus – a pair of Waffles' shredded drawers so you can compare and contrast. PayPal and Pokerstars transfers accepted!

Now that that's out of the way, we can get back to war correspondence. Actually, there is not much new to report. The biggest problem we face seems to be soldiers not doing the right thing. Anytime you have women and men in close proximity for an extended period of time, things are going to happen. I remember hearing a Navy Admiral talking about the introduction of women on his ship. An "insolent" reporter asked if this would lead to hanky-panky. He replied that his sailors were disciplined. They would do the right thing.

Yeah. Right.

There are multiple ways to pass the time here on Camp Cropper. I've talked about the regular poker games and the Tuesday night chess tournament (I won last night, thank you very much). Well, there are also Salsa dancing classes. It's quite the popular thing to do. Well, I guess it is – I've never been. One of the regulars at Salsa, a very attractive young woman with an exotic island accent was asking me about my trailer. When I told her that no one has yet moved into the other side, she suggested we all get together and use the empty room for Salsa practice.

That's just what I need – a rocking trailer. Honest, General Stone! We were just dancing!


The NL Wife said...

You should try Salsa dancing - I've always said you have the hip movement of a white Jewish man. I'll go dancing with you!

PS - I know it was meant as a joke, but let me know if you get any REALLY good offers for the underwear - I'll let you use part of the proceeds for your dream car fund.

Unknown said...



I can't believe that you would even attempt to get anywhere NEAR Waffles underwear.

As for your wife. I'm trying to convince her to open up and come for the December gathering. Gracie and some of the girls have offered to take her shopping. Waffles just want to stand next to her so he looks more imposing and that guy that everyone looks at and goes "She's with HIM????" even though we all know the truth. Alcanthang, myself , RecessRampage and many other bloggers have all started fighting who buys her the first drink.

I can only imagine the fight we'll be having (many others have agreed with me on this one)when you return. Enjoy the box o goodies and get back to us safe my friend!


The Bracelet said...

Let the Bracelet take care of her while in Vegas. She can stand behind me while I lose thousands at blackjack, refusing to get up every time she suggests moving to a kinder table.

Later she can attempt to slow my drinking by suggesting I drink some water and pass on the next round of shots, which I will not just ignore but rub in her face by doing an additional shot and/or an entire tray of jello shots all by myself.

It's really the way to experience vegas if you ask me.

Oh, and my url just changed to http://unclebracelet.wordpress.com