Monday, October 29, 2007


I have an Excel spreadsheet that tracks several goals. I have my weight loss goal (13 pounds and counting), my deployment tracker goal (30% completed) and my two mile goal (15:30 best so far). I have short, intermediate and long term goals. My biggest goal is to get home safely.

My wife has goals, too. In fact, she has a goal she has been working towards for the entire time I've known her (that's 15+ years for those keeping score at home).

Congratulations honey - I always knew you'd make it. You have finally arrived. Forevermore, when you walk those hallowed halls, they will look at you as you have looked at the many that came before you, and they'll say…



The NL Wife said...

Thanks, babe. And just to remind you, and the rest of the readers, this is just the START of the process. I'm not in the outside office yet.

But I have my foot in the door . . .

Thanks for enduring 15 busy seasons with (or without?) me.

The Wife

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chako,
As you talk about your dear wife reaching one of her most important goals, I find it amazing that the pride that emanates from your words is strikingly similar to the pride that emanates from my own.
Stay well. Stay safe. Come home and rejoice.

Unknown said...

What wonderful words from your family.

Stay Safe.

A couple beers are on tap from the community when you do arrive.