Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Convoy Training

3 OCT 07

If you’ve ever spent any time on a military installation, you’ve seen convoys. It seems like all the Army ever does is “convoy training.” Line ‘em up. Drive ‘round in circles. Come back. Do it again tomorrow.

Tonight, as I walked back from the Tuesday night chess tournament (2nd place), I had to stop for a bunch of idiots doing nighttime convoy training. Six Strikers (which, by the way, are very impressive at night) crossed right in front of me, otherwise disturbing the peaceful walk back to my hooch.

It wasn’t until they passed and I walked about 200 yards that I realized something. They weren’t convoy training, you idiot. This is war. This was for real. These young soldiers were headed out on a mission to catch bad guys.

God bless ‘em.

Now, please take a moment and head over to The Wife. What started out as yet another “here’s a cute guy that isn’t my husband” post (I thought) quickly morphed into a love so fierce I often wonder if I’m worthy.


John G. Hartness said...

Doc -

You don't deserve her. None of us degenerates deserve the women that put up with us. And yours deserves a medal, along with every other military spouse whose other half is off in the desert.

Keep your head down and come home soon, buddy. We're all thinking about you.

Unknown said...

Amen Falstaff.

Except for the degenerate comment.

As for Doc, have you reached a level of comfort that has disarmed you?

You are a lucky man.

May I find someone that has half her love and compassion.

Get your ass back here safe.

Only 12 more Mookie's to go!

DrChako said...

I admit to full degeneracy. Hopefully, I have not reach a level of comfort in this war or in my relationship with my wife.

I've got my head down. See you all when I get back.