Sunday, May 18, 2008

ChiTown Blues

18 May 08

We fly to Chicago a lot. The Wife has tons of family there and most of her cousins are at the marrying age (and half of them are named Justin). This time it was Nicole and Tim and their ceremony and reception, while standard fare, was time well spent.

Unfortunately, Chicago will now be remembered as the place we got “the news.” Without being more specific, The Wife got a call from work that she didn’t want. They left a message to call back and she said to me, “This is either going to be a great weekend or really sucky.”

It was the sucky kind.

To her credit, she rallied to the point where you wouldn’t even know she got bad news. She’s like that, you know. Oh well. There’s always next year.

The boys were amazing - offering hugs and words of encouragement without really understanding why Mommy would be upset. It helped. I did what I’m supposed to do. I love her. I’m always going to be there for her. I know she’s disappointed. We’ll handle it together. In comparison to recent tragedies, this is nothing.

So, it looks like we’ll be in the Seattle area for at least another year. My biggest disappointment is that we have to stay right near the Muckleshoot casino. Let’s hope my winning streak continues.

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Instant Tragedy said...

It sucks for The Wife. She deserves the up. But if you have to saty there, bringing home extra cash from the Muckleshoot to help her buy new shoes is at least somewhat comforting.