Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day on the Beach

Memorial Day 2008

It’s Memorial Day and the family and I are in San Diego. I just walked back from Crystal Pier, in fact. The weather here is perfect.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and posts about this holiday. Remembering soldiers is something we don’t ask for but really appreciate.

Now I’m off to toss the football with the boys. Be well and stay safe.

PS. I'm taking recommendations on where to take The Wife for our 13 year anniversary (in 2 days). Suggestions?


TenMile said...

Wherever it is, congrats to the both of you.

Slim1Der said...

Finally I come across a Poker Blog with actual poker content in it. THANK YOU! I live in San Diego, let me think a minute as to where you should take her...

BamBam said...

Take her wherever you think she'll be happy. You sir, deserve a "happy" wife.


(just lookin' out for my brudder)