Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Hot Streak Continues

14 May 08

The Muckleshoot does several things to reward their players. On the downside, they rake $5 for every pot. On the upside, there are several jackpots and bonuses. They splash the pots of the higher limit games with $100 every hour (I’ve won those twice). They have a $15,000 bad beat jackpot, and during the week they have a $500 high-hand bonus (on the weekends it drops to $300). I hit quad nines, quad jacks and a 7 high-straight flush. Only the straight flush was good enough for the high-hand, though.

I tipped the dealer 10% (after I took out an appropriate amount for taxes) and I also tipped Darla and Cherryl, my two favorite wait staff. It’s a good day.


skitch said...

I meant to head down to the 'Shoot on Monday night, but after my wife hit the Royal for $2k at PJs, she's glad I didn't talk her into it! She rivered it against someone who had Pocket Aces and rivered Aces Full... not enough for the Bad Beat there though.

You got my email on the party cancellation? We'll find another excuse for a get-together in the near future. Let me know if you're running a home game anytime soon.

DrChako said...

Nice hit!

My straight-flush was one card away from the bad beat jackpot. I had the bottom end. If the other guy had the 8h-9h, we'd have hit it. Unfortunately, he had the 8h-9s for the rivered straight. One card away, dammit! This is actually the 9th time I've been one card away from the jackpot.

Instant Tragedy said...

Keep it up Doc!

you'll hit it one day

RaisingCayne said...

The doc runs good! I haven't made it out to the 'Shoot (or PJ's) in some time. I think I'm past due for some live game action.

Sorry you guys are busy this weekend, hopefully we can hook up for a home game soon enough.

Good luck maintaining the good fortune at the live tables!

DrChako said...


FWIW - I hit another $500 high-hand today. This time it was Aces full of 8s. Unfortunately, I pissed most of it away at the 8/16 game. Most of the loss came at a bad beat in a kill pot (16/32) where a guy rivered a 2-outer to get a bigger full house. Still, I'm playing good poker. Let's hope it lasts.

Easycure said...

Please tell me you are coming to Vegas in June....I need to shake your hand and get some of that mojo from you!

DrChako said...

We are totally there!