Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day

22 May 08

Today is my last working day as a doctor for the Army. I wish I could say something profound about this experience, but I’m a little numb right now. 22 years is a long time. I was a scared little Private when I got off the bus at Basic Training back in October of 1986. I’m a little nervous now as I stand in the door looking out on life as a civilian. I’m reminded of when I went to Jump School. I stood in the doorway of the C-130 with 95 pounds of gear on my back as the wind whipped my face. My 3 weeks of preparation could only take me so far. Now I had to take that final step myself and fling my body into the night air. The wind was brutal. The sudden jarring when my parachute deployed was joyous, but this was quickly tempered as I looked up to see that the ‘chute was only partly open.

I guess this is my metaphor. I have no idea what the future holds and it will certainly throw some surprises my way. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m mentally prepared to deal with it.



The Wife said...

Is the appropriate response "Hoo-ahh!"?

Enjoy your last day. Then come home and tell me how you're going to replace the income . . . lol.

My final out said...

Just want to say thanks for the 20 years you served our country doc. I have much respect for you.


DrewFours said...

First and foremost, an echo of my final out's sentiment:

I'm pretty sure I could never have made the commitment you have to protecting our country and healing your colleagues. I envy your dedication and appreciate your efforts.

Now, why haven't you told the Mrs. that if you can jump out of airplanes and heal significant trauma, certainly you can pull one big bet an hour at a high stakes table to replace that income?

Easycure said...


Thanks for your service...I'll be sure and thank you properly with a cold one 2 weeks from tonight.

Most importantly, it's not your last day in the Army, it's the first day of your freedom that we all have been enjoying because of guys like you.

See ya soon,


TenMile said...

Good fortune, Doc. Stay busy for one year. Then - take a vacation.

The Sister said...

As you leave life in a dictatorship for life in a democracy, be sure to enjoy your right to vote, leave town on a weekend without getting permission, and never having to pee in front of a stranger again.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

Now you are free to go to the WSOP in a few weeks. Tell your chick not to sweat the duckets man, you'll make tons of scratch.

You should know who this is just by my choice of words . . . can you dig it? I knew you would!

One last comment, it is nice to see people using the term "Shoot", try to promote the term PJ Pig Vomit.

Another original of mine.

Daddy said...


RaisingCayne said...

Well, to stick with your analogy, here's hoping your 'chute opens all the way up!

Good luck in your civilian adventures, I wish you the best.

Let me know anytime you and the wife are up for considering another home game. I'm always down.