Saturday, May 24, 2008

Monsters? Bah!

24 May 08

Go read The Wife – especially you Omaha players. Then begin to drool over the prospects of winning all my money in Vegas. I’m such a bad poker player.

Further highlighting my horrible play, let me also tell you about a NL hand I played badly.

5 limpers. I’m on the button with QQ and I raise to $25. I get one caller. The flop is K77. He bets right into me for $50. He’s capable of making a play here, and a paired board is a good time to do it. I call.

The turn is another 7.

Now he bets $100. I go into the tank for a long time. I have $210 behind. I go all-in.

Now he goes into the tank. Whew – at least he doesn’t have the case 7.

When he called me, I asked, “Do you have the King?” “Yup,” he replied, quite relieved at my question.

Until another Queen came on the river.

I believe he made the correct play even thought I was representing Aces (it’s unlikely I have the case 7 here), and based on the pot odds (with only another $110 to call) he was priced in. It would be very different if we each had a lot more behind. Could you make that call if we each had $1000 behind?


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, revenge of the suck out!!!!! Dude, how could you make the call???!!!! I have to give it to the brother, your cahones are bigger and hold more brass than mine. Dig it. I'll try and drop you a line later.

Zeem said...

sometimes you have to give your opponent credit for the hand they're representing. Look forward to seeing you soon!